It’s finally here! Mitch goes over Patch 4.5 and the patch notes in detail with observations and thoughts on what’s coming in the new patch. We also talk with some of the live audience about Eureka and how it’s affected the current state of the game.

Side note: I thought REALLY hard about actually editing the podcast since we had a lot of discussions, but I’ve decided to keep them in, even if it makes the episode seem a bit disjointed. I like how the discussions went. Maybe next time I’ll learn to make stream markings so I know where to make my cuts, but for now, enjoy a raw, edited-but-not-cut episode 🙂

Patch 4.5 brings a new host of interesting changes to FFXIV – and a new class is coming with them! Let’s look at the new Blue Mage class… at least, what little we know about it.

The basics:

  • Limited Class
  • Level Capped at 50
  • Can’t enter any ‘matchmaking’-based dungeons.
  • CAN enter with premade parties
  • Learns skills by killing enemies in public places or dungeons
  • Has a ‘Masked Carnival’ event specific to Blue Mage – not much is known about it so far


In this week’s episode, we talk about the Starlight Celebration, a few well-needed Quality of Life / User Interface enhancements coming with Patch 4.5, and the upcoming Shadowbringers expansion… at least, what little we know about it.

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