Patch 4.5 Recap

December 21, 2018

If you were ever wondering whether patch 4.5 was going to be jam-packed full of goodies, fear not: you are in for a world of content!

Yoshi-P and Soken took to the Twitchwaves this morning to talk about the ins and outs of Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming patch 4.5: A Requiem For Heroes. Enjoy the trailer, and hit the jump for more goodness!

Patch 4.5, Part 1 hits the game on January 8th, 2019, while Part 2 is slated for late March. And it’s a good thing this patch is split into two pieces because there is a LOT going on.

Blue Mage, and the Masked Carnival

Blue Mage will actually come out the week AFTER Patch 4.5 drops, but it’s worth starting with because we finally have more information.

The Masked Carnival will start with players in Ul’dah. There are a ton of stages to choose from, and they’ll have different ‘phases’ with different enemy sets.

You’ll get Water Cannon out of the gate, but every other spell will need to be learned from other open world content or dungeons (or the Masked Carnival!). When you are partying with other Blue Mages, as long as ONE person in the group procs the skill learn, the entire party will learn it. This will encourage people to form ‘monster hunting’ groups to go learn the various skills!

You must have one job at level 50, and have completed the MSQ up to 2.0. Every 5 levels an NPC wants you to learn a new skill, but you’ll have to go out into the world to learn it.

Patch 4.5, Part 2

Patch 4.5 Part 1 will be patches 4.5 -> 4.55, Part 2 will be patches 4.56->4.58

World Visits

World visits will happen around patch 4.57. You will be able to freely come and go between the various servers in your data center.

The new data center reorganization will happen some-time after patch 4.56, but that’s all that’s known at this time.

Beast Tribes / Hildebrand Questline

New ‘combined’ Beast Tribe quests and the Hildebrand quest line for Stormblood will drop in Part 2, Patch 4.56.

Class/Job Adjustments

MNK, MCH, and WHM will have significant changes done in patch 4.5. For 5.0 (Shadowbringers), MCH will be getting a complete rework, so it’ll be interesting to see what direction they choose to take the job in.

Doman Mahjong

In a pleasant surprise, Yoshi-P announced that a version of Doman Mahjong will be added some-time during the patch cycle. Yoshi-P played a lot of Red Dead Redemption 2 and mentioned he loved playing poker to pass the time, and wanted to give the players in FFXIV something similar.

It’ll be very similar to Triple Triad. Ranked matches, pre-made settings, and the ability to play vs others (players and NPCs).

Gold Saucer Updates

The Buzz Lightyear Ride Air Force One, the new Gold Saucer Gate, is sliding into this patch as well. It’s a rails shooter that takes different paths through the gold saucer.

Several people have noted a Cactuar mount both in-game and on the hotbars of the demo server players, so we can assume that’s coming as well.

All rewards from the Gold Saucer will be increased for this patch period, and there’s a few new prizes coming as well (one of which is rumored to be more expensive than the Fenrir mount!)

Other Goodies

Several new in-game items are announced (FAT CAT COUCH!), as well as a new novel/short story collection, and new Primals tour, and Alpha is coming to Chocobo Dungeon: Everybuddy as a new job! (Oh yeah, that’s being released for PS4 AND SWITCH!)

And that’s all she wrote! Next live letter will be the patch note reading on Jan 7th – Please Look Forward to It!

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